Tony Bruno Custom Amplifiers incorporate only the finest design and components regardless of cost. These include: point to point wired circuits on custom boards or terminal strips, massive precision custom wound transformers, CTS pots, special US made caps, New Old Stock and Hi-End resistors, phenolic and ceramic tube sockets, stainless steel bolts and screws, heavy duty steel chassis, steel corners, finger jointed solid pine cabinets, 13 ply Baltic birch baffles, comfortable padded handles, premium or NOS tubes, and your choice of almost any covering and speakers. Each Bruno amp incorporates heavy duty and overrated components with neatly routed and laced wiring to insure flawless operation.

Tony builds each amp like a tank so it can stand up to a lifetime of use and still maintain the rich tonal complexity every Bruno is famous for. Each Bruno Custom Amplifier really is a custom designed labor of love, hand built and stringently tested by Tony Bruno. He builds and tests each client's amp one at a time, then tweaks it until he feels the amp sounds exactly right. Custom means just that and Tony will mod any model or even make a unique custom model to fit a specific client's needs or desires.
Limited Edition Reverb & Tremolo UG30. The Ultimate NOS tubes, Exotic hardwood
cabinets, Very rare & collectable. "The Tone That Stands Alone"
Tony's most famous amp is widely respected as the finest in the world.
New!! The perfect low wattage 6V6 reverb amp takes blackface tone to a new level.
New!! Medium power reverb amp sets a new benchmark in 6L6 blackface tone.
New!! Enough classic American 6L6 blackface tube tone and reverb to tip a cow.
New!! American tube tone, spacious reverb and a whole herd of clean head room.
New!! British Plexi sound taken to it's finest with gobs of tone, detail and brilliance.
All the famous Bruno sound in a small portable 6V6 tweed tone combo.
Superb American 6L6 tweed tone circa 1955 with dual rectifier tubes. Rich!
A tonefull 60 watt high gain lead amp that really rocks . Excellent sustain!
Rich clean and creamy smooth gain takes Robben / Stevie tone to new heights.