The Bruno Cow Tipper Pro II 35 is a medium power amp with enough classic American tube tone to tip a cow in a size that's great for recording or small club gigs. This American style reverb amp is perfect for anyone looking for the rich fat complex tones that the old classic blackface amps are famous for. Its perfect for Rock, Jazz, Surf, Country, Pop, Jangle, or any style where a premium is placed on its stellar tone and smooth spacious reverb. At lower volume settings the amp delivers beautiful clean tones with warm richness. Crank it up and the Cowtipper delivers classic crunch with incredible dynamics and delicious tone.

20th Century Guitar Magazine said "The Cowtipper lived up to it's bovine namesake - big, beefy and juicy without robbing any tonal characteristics away from the instrument, or amp, for that matter. Notes remain full and robust with the attacks being definitive and right on. There's a power amp section workin' here, mates! If you don't think a blackface Fender's tone can be improved upon, think again - Tony's nailed it!"

It features 35 watts of dual 6L6 power, 2 - 12AX7s, 2 - 12AT7s, and a GZ34 rectifier. The cabinet is constructed of solid pine for its sweet brightness and then fine tuned with a birch ply baffle for superb resonance. Finger-jointed construction is used just like the finest furniture which provides a very strong, extremely rigid, rattle free cabinet that will last a lifetime. Other features include premium tolex coverings, padded handles, heavy duty feet, stainless steel screws/bolts and chromed steel corners. Standard finishes are black, brown, dark green, red or cream with an Art Deco style control panel and aged Ivory "chicken head" knobs.The Cowtipper is just right for recording and club gigs and comes as a head, 1X12 and 2X12 combos.