"Well, it has been about 8 weeks or so since I received my Bruno Underground 30. I thought I'd give you some feedback now that I have spent some quality time with my Bruno.

The first chord I struck took my breath away. The notes shimmered like the Northern Lights. The sound sparkled with harmonics and 3D dimension. My guitars went from black and white to Technicolor! What amazing clarity. The amp is attentive to every nuance of my playing. Then I turned it up.

Two words came from my mouth - Holy Shit!!! Engorged and corpulent nasties growled forth with such sweetness I almost cried. What a gorgeous howl! And such responsiveness. Dig in and you rage. Pull back a little and the amp follows with mellow drive. I'll never play an amp with master volume again. This amp is an instrument in itself- now I play my guitar AND I play my amp.

Bravo to you and Tony. This is a masterpiece of tubes and wires that is positively alive. My Bruno Underground 30 breathes!!!

Thanks again and please pass this along to Tony and tell him I'm still looking for the right farm for him up here in Vermont."

Sincerely, Mark Frano
"Dear Tony, I have been in the Music Business for 40 years, as a musician, club owner, owner of a talent agency, and most recently as the CEO of a recording studio. I have met and performed with many "stars" and regular musicians, who have like myself used every type of audio equipment, guitar effects, and amplifiers , in search of that "special sound" we can hear in our minds but could not get out to our listeners ears.

At this point in my remarks I need to thank you for bringing to an end my lifelong search for "the sound". It's over!...I have purchased your 10th anniversary #16 special edition anniversary 30, Tony Bruno Amp!!. It is the Holy Grail of tone, workmanship, appearance and sweet sound.! Take every great attribute that you receive daily about your great Amps , and multiply it by 100. That will give you or any one who reads this E-Mail a good idea of what I and others who have heard its singing sustain think about this product?

Tony you are a master... Thanks for your dedication and hard work on behalf of guitarists everywhere. Congratulations, and Best Wishes for your continued success."

Regards, Joe Abate
"Just a quick note to say the Cowtipper 22 arrived safely with a minimum of customs hassles. My high hopes for what a Bruno would sound like were wildly exceeded. This is an absolutely knock-out amp with incredibly smooth sweet tone."
"Please pass on my extreme satisfaction to Tony and many thanks for your own help and advice "
Kind regards,

Roger MacDonnell
"My Bruno amp is the most versatile ever."

Carter O' Neill
from Garland, TX
"Hope you are well - my Underground 30 is amazing and I love it to death"

Jamie Cabbett
I just had a chance to play a CowTipper 45 (2x12), and I have to tell you that the tone out of this amp was absolutely jaw-dropping. I played both a P-90 equipped PRS and a Lindy Fralin Strat through it, and it cut through the band with a beautiful chimey clarity that I've never heard out of ANY amp that I've ever used before (a list that includes Boogie, Matchless, Victoria and Bogner). And the amazing thing was that, no matter how hard you pushed the amp, the tone never got harsh or spitty. Incredible!!

Unfortunately, the few hours that I had with it absolutely spoiled me (and the rest of the band) to the point where it's almost painful to listen to any amp I currently own. I guess it's kinda like being able to drive a Ferrari for a couple of hours, only to be handed back the keys to your VW......This is definitely an amp that you would sell pints of your blood to own! One of these days......

Joe Bivona
The Sara Brenner Band
I played an Underground 30 at Guitar Czar few months ago and was blown away by how beautiful it sounded. Every time I went into the store someone was playing that amp and raving about its tone. I wish I could of purchased the amp however someone else beat me to it. This particular combo amp had three Celestion v10 speakers and the three knob reverb. If I order the head with reverb and a cabinet will the tone be the same or will I need to purchase a combo like the one in the store?

Thanks, Troy
I have a Bruno Underground 30 which I just love, now I just use it for clean sounds where it is much better than any other amps I have including Matchless and Fenders and also for slightly overdriven sounds...

Sincerely, Lars Hallback from Sweden
I purchased a new Underground 30 combo with reverb and 12" Fane Alnico... I had the amp in a studio tonight, my sound was as expected from your amp. GREAT... Bye the way, this amp is simply amazing, I brought my Alessandro as my "benchmark" for comparison. Totally different type of amp, but after playing the Bruno, I am selling off 2 Dr. Z's and 2 Buddahs. It is truly a great work of sonic art. I am curious about the Tweedy Pie if you can get me some info. I live on "the island", so going to Astoria is not a problem. Holy smokes, what an amp. Keep up the great work.

Alan Feinstein
I received the new head cabinet. It's wonderful. What a great design. The tolex matches well... My combo looks great now with the brown and that piping...

Thanks -
I got the amp late Wednesday, and it sounds fantastic, jaw dropping and unbelievable! I put the Mullard rectifier in, I put the Celestion Blues in the cab and played it dry and it just smoked! Then I hooked up the stand alone Fender reverb and even better!! My friend came over and he has an historic reissue Les Paul jr. double cutaway with one P90 and he couldn't believe it...how responsive all the controls are...the Celestion blues sound so much more 3d in that cab than in the one I had. Anyway he might be your next customer from St. Louis.

A few things:

1.) The Westinghouse 12AX7's sound pretty damn good but I've got to tell you, I'm not used to the tightness of the Mullard ECC83...when clean, just a little too tight for my taste...obviously that's why they sound so great when overdriven because they remain real articulate and focused when pushed hard. ...So...I put a '63 Amperex Bugle boy in that slot and ohmyfrickingod!!! the clean sound is much airier, rounder, with more bass and highs less focused mids...more Fender-like which I guess I'm used to. I highly recommend this tube if you haven't already heard it in that position in the U.30. It gets a little less focused as distortion sets in however. It's also a little noisier.

2.) Can I use both speaker output jacks simultaneously? Are they the same ohm load?

3.) Yes as soon as you can let me know about the check that would be great. Is it possible to get a receipt of some kind? Hand written is fine. Or I guess an electronic one is ok.

Thanks Again - Dan
Hey Gene,

It's Wilson Braswell from Georgia. I guess I haven't taken the time to tell you and Tony how much I have enjoyed my Underground 30. It has been a busy playing year for me. The coolest thing is..once I got used to this amp there has never been a question of what to take to the gig. Believe me I have so many amps...and I always used to stress out over what to take to certain gigs. Not anymore. I finally have my sound. That is a major deal to a guitar player and I have fought with it for a long time. The Fulltone Full Drive to that my buddy Matt Smith turned me on to has been a great addition to that sound. For me it won out over the Klon.

I want to thank you for your hospitality when I was at your place last year and it was great to meet Tony that day also. I don't need much of an excuse to come to the city!The day I was there he was comparing a Dumble belonging to Christopher Cross to one of the Bruno's. It was the Bruno all the way. I still want your fiesta red 61 strat by the way. I hope to make it up there again soon and maybe check out a Tweedy Pie. Are there any 10th anniversary UG 30's left for sale? Also I will be posting my gear set up soon on my website with descriptions of the products with links to Ultra Sound and Bruno Amps websites. I hope that is Ok

Keep Pickin, Wilson Braswell
I purchased a Baby Bruno about 6 months ago and I love it. It sounds great.

Great amp. I'm really enjoying it and getting lots of compliments. I appreciate your help.

Mark Herzog
Thanks for building me a very fine U30 head. I've had it for 5 months, and I believe it to be the best amp I've ever owned. From now on it will be used a lot more (gigging etc.) instead of just being cuddled with. My choice of speakers is 2x12" 63' Celestion alnico silver (used to be in a 63 AC30. Seems like it's time for spotting "Bruno's" on national TV too. My amp was order via 345, Trondheim, Norway. I'll hope I'll be able to try out some of the other concepts in the future. Thanks a lot. Best wishes.

O. Sandbakken
- Vardoe, Norway
Thanks for all you & T. Bruno have done for me. His amps are amazing just like you said. Cheers, & thanks again!!

Best Regards -
P. Wright
This amp truly sounds incredible. By the way.....do you think it would be "safe" to run a pair of Celestion Blues with this amp? As you know, a pair of the Blues would be rated at 30 watts. But would they stand up in the UG45 at fairly high settings? Or do you think that would be pushing it too far?

Thanks, Kevin Miller
Bruno Amps - First let me say that I love the sound of your amps. I was rehearsing at a space in NYC and the room had many amps. Matchless, Marshall, Fender, etc. Your was the best amp in the room hands down. I have a question that you maybe can help me with. I love the amp, but I am a server in NYC. I found out that your amp that I want goes for about 2400. Do you know where I might be able to find a used one somewhere? Any help would be appreciated. I am not a rich man or a famous one yet, so I thought I might try.

Thanks, Rik
I adore my underground 30, and have for the last 3 years since you made it. I quit looking for my sound; most people that I know are STILL looking.

Thanks! Holt evans
I just bought a Underground 22 from 345-musik in Tronheim, Norway. And I'm very impressed with the amp. Simply the best sound I have ever heard. I have got a few tweeds and blackfaces, that I probably won¹t use anymore.

With regards - Espen Liland
Tony Bruno!!!! ... hey! this is Bob Metcalf, I played with Michael Powers at Abilene and still have the serial # 00001 amp I bought from you!!!! ... which still sounds killer by the way!!!!

I just happened to buy a guitar player magazine and saw your ad...I don't keep up with 'state of the art gear happenings' very much but wasn't surprised at all to see that you're right at the top of the list...congratulations!!!!

I've been checking out your site and all the amps...way kool!!!!! ... hell now I think I gotta order one to keep my 'prototype' model company...just can't decide which one!!!! Let me know if you ever want a picture of the old serial # 00001 for the Bruno archives!!
I'm the proud owner of a purple, 3-10 UNDERGROUND 30 Reverb. I can't do a gig w/o being swamped with people going ape over my tone. There's even a band in town here who've changed their name to The Underground 30 after your amp! { If that's a problem. let me know- I'll see that they change it.}

Thanks Again! Anton M. Nelson {guitarist w/ The Shiny Things}
My name is Todd Wolfe. I was Sheryl Crow's lead guitarist from '93 'til '98. I currently have 2 band's, MojoSon and The Todd Wolfe Blues Project. I currently use VHT amps and an assortment of Fenders. Anyway, enough about me! I was at Ultra Sound today and tried your Underground 30 w/2x 12' and straight away thought it was a killer amp...

Regards, Todd Wolfe
I just spent the evening with my Underground 22 2x12. Blackface Fenders N E V E R sounded like this!!!!!!!!! I am totally impressed with BRUNO AMPS! I regret that this tone isn't really where I live (but I might change neighborhoods), because it is so good that I had trouble going back to my '59 Bassman. There is still something 3D and penetrating about the old tweed clean tones that isn't quite there in this BF style circuit.

Still, I had to A/B them for hours to decide which one I liked best. Only after turning off the reverb was I able to determine which amp I prefer. I am sure that if Tony built a "tweed" amp, it would kill everything else on the market.

Does the Underground 30 have more of a "big" clean bassman tone with that super articulated bass? I know it is a Vox style circuit, but after hearing how great Tony made the Deluxe circuit sound, I thought I would ask.

Anyway, which of his other amps should I consider based on my particular tastes? I am still looking forward to a demo of the "overdrive" head this September. Perhaps I'll be able to sample an Underground 30 et al then too?

PS - Please thank Tony for the return phone call regarding preamp tubes - I really appreciate him taking time during a vacation. I did not have the tubes in the correct order and it made a big difference.

Randy Cloud
This is Ulf from Sweden. I just wanted to write some words to you about my new amp : It rules!!!! It´s one of the best amps I have ever played. It has it all. Everything from sparkling clean to bruising distortion. Thanks for all of your help.

Take care. Ulf
I have been using a Cow Tipper 45 with an EV 12" speaker extensively. I LOVE this amp, but sometimes I need to get some speaker break-up, especially when I use Teles or Strats. I have a few questions:

1. How would an extension cabinet loaded with two 16 0hm Celestion greenbacks sound? This would allow me to have an 8 ohm load, get more push from 2 speakers, and hopefully get some speaker distortion. My concern is that the greenbacks may be totally wrong for this amp. I trust your ears and I would love to hear your opinion.

2. In the past, you have recommended a custom alnico Fane in place of the EV. If I did this, would I lose my clean, chimey, big warm sound that the EV gets? I don't want to lose the way it sounds now, I just want a little more breakup.

3. I bought my amp in October 97 from 30th Street Guitars. It still sounds as good as the day I bought, but at what point should I replace the tubes, and should I ship the amp to you to have it biased, or would you send me the tubes? How do we proceed? Finally, I just want to say that your amp has changed my playing! It is such a musical sounding amp. This may sound strange, but your amp sounds so good, it "relaxes" me so I can just concentrate on being creative. I never have to think about tone, etc. It's all there. I just play and it responds perfectly. I have been searching for this amp for a long time.

Thanks for everything. Joe Cassetta