How To Order A Bruno Amp - [And Why Are There Only A Few Select Dealers]

Tony Bruno Custom Amplifiers can be ordered and are sold directly by Ultra Sound Music Inc (the exclusive Bruno Custom Amps distributor) and a very few select dealers. Bruno amps are not sold through many dealers because they are produced in very limited quantities and each one is built exclusively by Tony. He refuses to build "factory boutique amps" assembled by many various workers, in large quantities, following a set schematic that sacrifices tone and quality. Each Bruno Amp is a custom designed labor of love, hand built, point to point wired and stringently tested by Tony. He builds and tests each client's amp one at a time, then tweaks it until he feels the amp sounds exactly right.

This is certainly not the most cost effective way to build guitar amps from a profit point of view but it's the only way Tony will build a Bruno Amplifier. Tony's amplifier designs are constantly evolving and improving without any corporate constraints of cost Vs profit. Ultimate tone and sound quality are the only driving forces at Bruno Custom Amps.

Tony does have a very few Select Dealers who carry Bruno Amps and have some models in stock. This will save you the wait time involved with having a Tony Bruno Custom Amp built.
What About The Deposit?

Your Deposit of 50% can be a check, money order, bank wire transfer, or major charge card in United States Dollars. Checks or money orders should be made out to Ultra Sound Music Inc. and mailed to:

Ultra Sound Music Inc.
251 West 30th St - 6th. Fl
New York, NY 10001

To send your deposit via wire transfer please call: Gene Sinigalliano @ 212-967-5626 - E-Mail: for the account and bank routing information you will need. To charge your deposit call Gene or Ken Volpe @ 203-247-1999 - E-Mail: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

If you would like to place an order or need additional information about the Bruno Amplifier line please call
Gene Sinigalliano @ 212-967-5626 - E-Mail: or Ken Volpe @ 203-247-1999 - E-Mail: