Tony Bruno is a man obsessed with a single goal --- To build a guitar amp with the ultimate tone. To this end he uses only the highest quality Premium and New Old Stock components for each amp. He is meticulous in his quest and never totally satisfied with his amps even though they are universally praised as the finest sounding in the world. Many recording artists, session musicians and guitar publications refer to Tony as The Amp Guru because each of his different amps delight the senses with amazing tonal complexity, warmth and balance. His vast knowledge of tube amplifier design, components and construction combined with a superbly tuned ear place him in very high demand.
Other well known companies are constantly coming to Tony for design help with their hi-end or custom shop amplifiers when only the best will do. Tony refuses to build "factory boutique amps" assembled by many people in quantities that sacrifice tone and quality. Each Bruno Amp is a custom designed labor of love, which is point to point wired and stringently tested by Tony. This includes all hand wiring, solder joints, circuits, pots, transformers, phase, operation, frequency response, bias, tubes, speakers, cabinet tone and finish quality. An accomplished guitarist with over 1000 amp designs to his credit, Tony plays each amp by itself and with a full band to make sure it has the highly coveted Bruno Sound. He even uses a mixed audience test to "woman proof" every amp because of a woman's more sensitive high hearing. If any amp's tone isn't perfect Tony takes it apart and tweaks it until it is worthy of the Bruno name. Bruno amps never go out to anyone until they have "The Tone That Stands Alone".