Tony Bruno Custom Speaker Cabinets are incredible sounding because they are individually designed and constructed to match the exact amplifier and speakers you choose. Tony feels that certain amplifier designs and speakers require different types of woods and cabinet structures to sound their best. His cabinets are available with many different speakers in both tuned half open and closed back designs. Tony even alters the type of wood used in the cabinet's speaker baffle to tailor the tone of certain speaker and amplifier combinations..

Tony's standard half open back cabinets are constructed of select solid Pine for it's sweet tone and a 13 ply Baltic Birch baffle. Half open back cabinets have a sweeter, airier, more 3D quality to the tone than closed back designs.
Tony's standard closed back cabinets are constructed completely of very expensive 3/4", 13 ply Baltic Birch instead of pine. Birch ply is much stronger and even more rigid, which prevents the sealed cabinet from buzzing or rattling when using high powered amps. Closed back cabinets are generally used with high powered or high gain amps so the cabinet needs this additional rigidity. Closed back cabinets have more projection and bottom than the half open back design.
All Bruno Speaker Cabinets feature finger-jointed construction just like the finest furniture. This provides a very strong, extremely rigid, rattle free cabinet that will last a lifetime. Other features include premium coverings, comfortable padded handles, heavy duty feet and chromed steel corners. Optional hand finished hardwood cabinets are available in a number of select woods including Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut, etc.