Tony Bruno Underground 30

Winner of Guitar Player Magazine's coveted
"The Years Best Gear Award" for 1997 in the November 97 issue.

"The Bruno Underground 30 ($1799) was a solid winner in our Feb. '97 boutique amp shootout, and fans of classic Vox tone will dig what this 30-watt single -channel head has to offer. Powered by four EL84s, the point-to-point wired Underground offers simple, effective controls and a great-sounding three knob reverb that's situated ahead of the first gain stage. This proven combination (think Fender Vibro-King) produces atmospheric AC30 -like shimmer at lower settings and furious old-Marshall grind when you give it the gas. Reviewed Feb. '97."

This article appears with the permission from Guitar Player November 97 issue. Copyright 1997 Miller Freeman, Inc. All rights reserved.